Employment Litigation and General Employment Representation

In the employment context I primarily help individuals or groups of people pursue legal violations committed against them by their present, or former employer. Most individuals come to me not knowing exactly what laws have been broken but believing generally, they have been wronged. It is my job to analyze each individual’s particular situation, to discern which, if any, laws have been broken, and to decide the appropriate venue for protecting his or her rights.

I have assisted individuals in cases involving all types of discrimination in employment such as, race, gender, harassment, same-sex and traditional sexual harassment, pregnancy discrimination, disability discrimination, religious and national origin discrimination. I have also represented individuals in pursuing claims against an employer for injustice regarding wages including, unequal pay, improper calculation of overtime, failure to pay wages and/or supply other promised benefits, and calculation of commissions or other sales related wages.

The following list of the particular statutes I have litigated on behalf of individuals:

  • Title VII, Civil Rights violations, including all types of discriminatory claims by individuals deemed a protected class under Title VII;
  • Section 1981 and Section 1983 claims;
  • Americans with Disabilities Act violations or ADA violations;
  • Age Discrimination in Employment or ADEA violations,
  • Family Medical Leave Act or FMLA violations;
  • Illinois and Cook County Human Rights Act violations,
  • Equal Pay Act violations,
  • Illinois and Federal Wage Payment and Collection Act violations,
  • Federal Labor Standards Act or FLSA claims,
  • Whistle Blowing statutory protection and other common law retaliatory discharge claims, and
  • Uniform Service Workers Protection Act violations or USERA claims involving retaliatory actions by employers for workers taking military leave.

Part of my regular assistance to individuals in the employment context includes reviewing and advising individuals on severance packages. This may include negotiating for additional compensation, modifying the terms and conditions of the settlement agreement itself as well as general advice on pursuit of litigation instead of acceptance of the terms of a severance package.

I have also assisted many individuals resolve legal problems involving Non-Compete and other restraining types of contractual provisions. This representation has included negotiating the language used in the Non-Compete provisions upon contracting, and defending individuals in claims by a former employer for breach.

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Carol Coplan Babbitt is an extremely skilled and talented Employment Lawyer. Carol brings to the table incredible wisdom and expertise, and hiring her to be my lawyer was truly the best money I ever spent. In addition to her exceptional wisdom and expertise, Carol has an amiable personality that...

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