Mediation / Arbitration

I presently serve as a mediator for parties seeking to resolve their legal disputes through settlement or other pari-litigation result. In this role I act as a neutral party in facilitating, organizing and conducting a session which seeks to create a mutual resolve satisfactory to all parties. I often assist in ensuring each side's needs have been met through a written document that memorializes any result accomplished. Mediation sessions often conclude in one day but I am available for multi-day sessions as needed.

I am concurrently serving as an arbitrator in private arbitrations through third-party organizations or through internal processes within an employment or other corporate setting . My role as an arbitrator is to guide the parties through a process that resolves their legal claims outside of the court system. In this capacity I often am required to render options on various legal issues, resolve disputes in the process and facilitate settlement.

I have a wealth of experience in employment and general commercial matters so I generally preside over these matters but I am capable and interested in serving as a mediator/arbitrator for any legal concerns that arise.