General Commercial Litigation

Conducting business in this day and age often necessarily embroils legal entities in disputes requiring litigation to resolve. Often, but not always, disputes in the commercial context involve disputes over money, or money owed for the purchase, lease or sale of consumer goods and services. I have been successfully litigating on the plaintiff and defense side of these commercial or business disputes since 1988.

The following list represents many of the types of lawsuits I have been involved with in the commercial context. This list is not exhaustive as the types of disputes that arise are so varied in this area it is impossible to list all the types of cases I have handled:

  • Breach of written and oral contracts and lease agreements,
  • Breach of warranty,
  • Breach of implied contracts, or quantum meruit,
  • Promissory estoppel claims,
  • Tortuous interference with a contractual relationship, fraudulent concealment, unjust enrichment, breach of fiduciary duty and other intentional torts involving disputes between businesses,
  • Adversary proceedings in bankruptcy under various Bankruptcy Code provisions, such as those involving fraud and deceptive practices,
  • Commercial and residential forcible entry and detainer,
  • Complex collection matters including replevin, citations, and garnishments,
  • Uniform Commercial Code violations, or UCC matters,
  • Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Practices Act claims, Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act Claims, and
  • Real Estate litigation involving specific performance, land trusts and other matters associated with residential real estate contracts.

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Client Reviews
Carol Coplan Babbitt is an extremely skilled and talented Employment Lawyer. Carol brings to the table incredible wisdom and expertise, and hiring her to be my lawyer was truly the best money I ever spent. In addition to her exceptional wisdom and expertise, Carol has an amiable personality that allows her to negotiate in such a manner that it earns the results that her clients deserve. I especially appreciate Carol’s high level of responsiveness to all forms of communication. Carol will stay by your side and advocate tenaciously for you throughout the duration of your legal process. You will not find a better employment lawyer than Carol Coplan Babbitt. S.L.