Employment Litigation

I have assisted companies defend against charges of discrimination, sex-harassment and other areas of employment litigation since approximately 1997. This representation has included defense of charges filed against an employer at the administrative and court levels.

I have successfully represented many business entities in defending employment matters involving the following types of claims:

  • Discrimination charges filed by present or former employees at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, The Illinois Human Rights Commission, and the Cook County Commission on Human Rights,
  • Retaliatory claims filed in the Federal Department of Labor under the Surface Transportation Assistance Act,
  • Retaliatory claims filed in the Federal and State arena involving the Family and Medical Leave Act, or the FMLA, and
  • Representing employers at "Good Cause" termination proceedings for union employees.

Because many administrative proceedings do not require a licensed attorney in the state of incident, I have traveled nationwide to perform many of these enumerated functions. For example, I have defended 'good cause' hearings involving defense of claims for reinstatement by terminated union employees throughout the continental United States.

I have also represented many companies in the enforcement of employee contractual provisions such as Non-Compete, Trade Secret, and other restrictive clauses. This often includes litigation in the Chancery Division involving special remedies such as, injunctive relief and declaratory judgment actions.

I also act as an independent investigator of pending claims of discrimination, often assisting in resolving issues outside of litigation through my advocacy. I have assisted companies in drafting and implementing many employment related policies such as anti-discrimination, anti-harassment,  and non-compete policies. I conduct training session regarding internal employment policies and provide best-practices lectures as corporate litigation protection and anti-litigation strategies.     

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