Litigation for Construction Companies

I have worked with construction companies from subcontractors to owners to architects, since 1988. I have developed a unique understanding of the construction industry's legal needs. In addition to litigation I also supply advice and drafting services for construction companies big and small.

I have handled the following matters generally associated with construction litigation:

  • Drafting and sending proper notice of Illinois Original and Subcontractors' Claims for Mechanics Liens on public and private construction projects,
  • Foreclosure proceedings through the Illinois Mechanics Lien Act to enforce and perfect public and private Mechanics Liens,
  • Mechanics Lien proceedings on Federal public construction projects through the Federal Miller Act;
  • OSHA violations including penalties and mediation for penalties;
  • Resolution of monetary claims on construction projects through adversary proceedings in bankruptcy court;
  • Breach of contract, breach of lease agreements, breach of warranty claims; and
  • Prosecuted and defended Replevin cases and other special remedies cases such as declaratory actions and temporary restraining orders for return of materials supplied on public and private construction projects.

Construction litigation often requires swift and immediate action in order to protect my client's rights. I have experience in rapidly applying to the courts in the Illinois Chancery Department seeking special relief in order to secure my clients' rights to the full extent possible.

Construction litigation generally requires upkeep and proper organization of voluminous and specific documentation related to construction projects. Thus, I am familiar with and have dealt with large document construction cases involving disputes of over millions of dollars in outstanding labor and materials and requiring analysis of literally millions of documents. Although I am a solo-practitioner I am adept at utilizing litigation support resources for all my document needs.

Finally, as with most litigation, construction litigation is commonly resolved through alternative dispute resolution instead of trial. Therefore, I have extensive experience at mandatory and voluntary mediations, settlement proceedings through the court and private means, arbitrations through the American Arbitration Association and all manner of alternative dispute resolution.

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