Defense Representation in Insurance and Re-Insurance

Another area of litigation I have particular familiarity with is the area of law commonly referred to as "insurance defense." Thus, I have helped insurance and reinsurance companies resolve disputes over coverage, underlying claims disputes and collection of monies due on comprehensive settlements. Because of my construction concentration, my insurance defense litigation has primarily involved construction claims but I have also represented reinsurance companies insuring all types of losses and trucking companies for loss of product in transport.

I have represented insurance companies in first and third party claims, in the following areas:

  • Negligence,
  • Product liability,
  • Breach of contract/lease and breach of warranty claims,
  • Contribution actions,
  • Reinsurance declaratory action litigation involving the interpretation of commutation or settlement agreements, and
  • Carmack Amendment litigation involving loss of goods in transport.

As a spin off to insurance defense litigation, I have experience in drafting coverage opinion letters on behalf of insurers receiving tenders of defense as well as preparing summary documents on a universal basis in preparation for large claim settlement.

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